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  1. Roandb

    Rubbish FPV video on TBS Unify Pro

    Recently added a few parts to an existing FPV build. New motors and 4s to 6s battery jump. All of a sudden my FPV video is rubbish, very low penetration and I got a max of 700ft open field test (sounds far but it’s really not). I’m running a TBS unify pro at 500mw with a TBS triumph pro on the...
  2. BS projects inc.

    Help! Long range fpv arduplane platform questions

    For the last few months I have been cruising around with my Zohd Nano talon with an fpv setup that got me half a mile away. Over the weekend however, the plane and fpv setup stopped working, after it was run over by a plow. The esc burnt out (I was using the recommended voltage) and it glided...
  3. E

    I need help with troubleshooting my FPV Drone

    Hello! I recently build my first Quad but i have some Problems with my Video/ VTX. After a drone crash i had to resolder my VTX back to my FC, i think it lost the connection due to some vibrations, since then my VTX sends no more RSSI signals to my FPV Goggles, my VTX powers up/ lights up and...
  4. O

    Black feed on goggles

    Hello. I'm building an fpv quad for the first time. I connected my camera and I saw the feed but after completing the build and looking at the goggles, I just saw a black screen. ??? I'm so confused. I'm on the correct channel. The other channels are all staticky like normal. I checked and...
  5. FrostyDave

    Missing Some Key Components

    I had a blast at the first Flite Fest in Florida. I brought my Eachine Goggles Two so I could experience my first race the right way. I loved the feeling of a 5 inch quad over my Tiny Whoops. I'm ahead of the game in that I've already got a TBS Tango, goggles, an original Chameleon frame...
  6. S

    Looking for EACHINE VTX03 Super Mini FPV Transmitter and osd compatible micro fpv cam

    I am upgrading my ft gremlin and I have the f3 mini magnum wich supports osd. I just need a more powerfull transmitter and a micro osd compatable camera like the one in the link. If anyone has any extras lying around that would be awesome!! Thanks...
  7. M

    Motors, googles, batteries, ESCs wanted - Octo Gremlin

    Hi Guys & Gals. Thanks Josh & MrSteele for this great opportunity. I have watched a lot of youtube videos and have built my first drone over Christmas - 125mm frame, 1407 motors and am slowly learning to fly but using the wrong batteries (4s 2000 mah) at the moment and have no FPV gear. I am...
  8. W

    fixing broken video tx

    ok so while learning LOS with my x:bolt 250 drone i broke off the SMA and instead of having to buy a whole new video TX do you think that i can still solder on a pigtail SMA extension ? and also what channels do i switch for Aomway commanders? here take a look at the damage done so far :(...
  9. muteFPV

    RCTestBen.ch: VTX RF Power Testing (FPV AiO - micro VTX - VTX)

    Products tested (index): - AKK BS2 FPV AiO - Eachine HC48D FPV AiO - Eachine ATX03 micro VTX - Eachine VTX03 micro VTX - Eachine VTX01 micro VTX - EWRF e7086TM3 VTx - Runcam TX25 micro VTX -> subscribe to this thread for upcoming tests | comment below for VTXs you would like to see tested <-...
  10. Q

    very quick question

    I ordered this vtx for a racing drone I am trying to build but i forgot to buy a receiver. I looked around my shop and I found this one but i'm not sure if they would be compatible. If they aren't compatible do you guys know any cheap ones that would be compatible? thanks. the vtx...
  11. Beau_LunaWolf

    Gremlin Issue Help!

    Hello, Recently I was able to get my Gremlin up and flying. Quad is super quiet and is very smooth. I thought I would be ready to FPV, but it turns out my camera is having issues sending signal to my goggles. I currently am using the Fatshark Teleporter V4s that were sold under Horizon Hobby...
  12. milkydeathgrind

    Brand new ImmersionRC 600mW Video TX

    I bought this and then realized it isn't compatible with my receiver so I'm selling it. It's brand new with all original packaging and cables. Price on Banggood is $44.99 but I will sell it for $40 with $6.00 shipping. Get it quick before it's gone!!! Please PM me if interested so I get an...
  13. R

    remote Battery alarm question\idea

    for setups without an osd.. would it be possible to wire the low voltage alarm speaker to your VTX audio to have it make noise at your ground station?
  14. R

    Fixing a Boscam TS832 video transmitter

    Hey guys, so a while back I killed a TS832 vTx by ripping off the SMA connector off in a crash. I replaced the vTx with a much older one, and today that vTx also died and I decided to tear into the TS832 to see if it could be fixed. I had noticed when I first killed it that the solder pad had...
  15. D

    Smoked my 900mhz vtx I must be missing something!

    I got the hobbyking 200mW 900MHz fpv system. Seemed to work well, so I made the Clover leaf and Skew Planar antennas from David's instructions. Got one flight on that with a great improvement on picture clarity. I went to fly a few days later, and it was like the frequency had shifted. instead...
  16. S

    NOOB ALERT: Fpv setup questions.. :D

    Okay so here is the basic problem that i have.. As much as i read around the topic of FPV there are still a few things i am failing to understand.. I understand that its not as simple as buying a few bits and bobs and BOOM.. ur 'fpving' Looking at setting up a reasonably cheap fpv rig...