walk along glider

  1. FoamyDM

    Plane EZ Walk Behind DTFB Glider 1.0

    When Looking up some walk behind gliders. I saw some interesting indoor planes. After reviewing some plans and I had an EZ power pack from Flite Fest and wondered if it would work? you can just free hand sketch one side if you need to an mirror it for the other half, but keep the folding...
  2. HilldaFlyer

    Start Simple - Air Surfing with walk-along gliders by ScienceToymaker.org

    Starting model flight for groups is a challenge. I've done the following activity with cub and boy scout groups and with my fellow R&D scientist (who are really molecular biologists, genetic engineers and computer geeks). I started with gliders, very simple gliders, walk-along gliders. A really...