1. Wingman04

    Wanted: Compy 300 Heli Frame

    Does anyone have a good condition Compy 300 frame up for sale? Mine has a very large crack at the boom mount and needs replaced before the next flight. ONLY the frame. I have everything else needed to fix it. All offers welcome.
  2. S

    Spektrum DX5e binding troubble

    Im looking at getting a Walkera Rodeo 150 and already have a Spektrum DX5e transmitter. In order to save a few bucks im looking at getting the bind and fly model but dont know if it will bind with the transmitter. The receiver on the Rodeo 150 is a DEVO-RX716, and the DX5e is 5 channel 2.4ghz...
  3. O

    Need help with Walkera HiFa

    Hi, I'm new to this hobby. But i am always echanted by these flying machines. Anyhow, I just bought this starter RC Glider, Walkera HiFa FPV with Devo4. Assembled and binded to the transmitter without any issues. All servos are working except the propeller. I'm also getting a blue screen on...
  4. G

    what recivers works with Walkera 2402D Transmitter

    what recivers works with Walkera 2402D Transmitter Since I am a total newbie ', I lack a little help to, what recivers that can be used with a Walkera 2402D Transmitter