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wanted to buy

  1. zippity_doogah

    WANTED - Furibee x140 and more.

    Looking for a furibee x140 or a leader 120, and a FrSky or Flysky transmitter/receiver. Also looking for a new vtx and a runcam micro split.
  2. RoyBro

    Turnigy 9X - OUCH!

    Okay, I feel really stupid. I've seen the posts and videos on how to fix a Turnigy 9x after switching the polarity on the battery. I always wondered, "How could anyone accidentally switch the polarity on the battery?" Well, now I know. And it let out that all important magic smoke. Now I'll have...
  3. RoyBro

    Turnigy 9X - working

    Hey everyone. I just made the stupid, stupid mistake of reversing the polarity on the battery on my 9x. Now it is fried. :( I'm looking for a replacement and am hoping that someone upgrading will have a used 9x to sell. Thanks, RoyBro