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  1. Jonny Gum

    Wanted: Realflight for my Mom to Learn to Fly

    If anyone has an old realflight that they don't use much, I'd love to buy it. Preferably something like 7.5 or above, not the really really old ones. My mom has been wanting to learn how to fly, but my realflight (7.5) moves around with me. If possible, I'd like to buy a 7.5 so that we can do...
  2. zippity_doogah

    WANTED - Furibee x140 and more.

    Looking for a furibee x140 or a leader 120, and a FrSky or Flysky transmitter/receiver. Also looking for a new vtx and a runcam micro split.
  3. RoyBro

    Turnigy 9X - OUCH!

    Okay, I feel really stupid. I've seen the posts and videos on how to fix a Turnigy 9x after switching the polarity on the battery. I always wondered, "How could anyone accidentally switch the polarity on the battery?" Well, now I know. And it let out that all important magic smoke. Now I'll have...
  4. RoyBro

    Turnigy 9X - working

    Hey everyone. I just made the stupid, stupid mistake of reversing the polarity on the battery on my 9x. Now it is fried. :( I'm looking for a replacement and am hoping that someone upgrading will have a used 9x to sell. Thanks, RoyBro