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  1. muddywilson

    How hot is too hot to fly?

    Hey all, finally built my first foamie, but out in castaic CA it's regularly 90-100+ in the summer, so I'm worried about the integrity of my hot glue joints if I try to fly in this kind of weather. I guess my question is what would be the upper limit for hot weather, and would cutting...
  2. M

    Flying Field Weather Station

    I thought I'd share this with the FT community. I'm nearing the end of a build of a weather station for my local club. We are in a location with no power or WiFi, so this is a DOLRAM station: Dirt Cheap Off-grid Low maintenance Realtime Atmospheric Monitoring Project details on my personal...
  3. M

    At a glance, Lightning

    Granted I have a blog and I will be keeping it posted on how this works, I wanted to add to this topic of scratch building. I am working on a Weather Research Drone that is designed to study lightning.. The hardest part of the project was finding a concept that fit into the plan for the study...