1. Scotto

    Circle Slicer 6000

    Are you a scratch builder that hates cutting wheels? Have you been looking all over your workbench for rolls of tape or cups or anything the right diameter to use for a guide? Have you used a dull hole saw on foamboard? Well suffer no more! Billy Mayes here with a fabulous new miracle tool! The...
  2. B

    Full Metal Servoless Retracts - 140mm Oleo - AS NEW!

    Hi All, I've got a set of pretty much new Turnigy Servoless Retracts - 140mm Oleo that I'd like to get rid off. They were installed on an X8 project which never got off the ground (excuse the pun!). I'll include the wheels for free! As new without the box, EXCEPT when I removed them from the...
  3. Maingear

    Kraken Tail Wheel(s)

    I joined the local flying field (north of Memphis TN). I want to taxi onto the airfield and from the landing spot on the runway to the taxiway. I can't seem to turn while I taxi without spinning out. Asphalt, no way. Taking off and landing roll is great in the original configuration as long as...