will it fly

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    Will it Fly?

    Hey guys, I always liked the will it fly videos and you have not done one in a while. If this is due to a lack of ideas, I have one for you. I was recently channel surfing and came across the movie Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials. In the movie there is a troop transport that looks like it is...
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    Fragile plane

    You guys should make a plane who's wings are made out of glass or another similar material (not Plexiglas) and a fuselage made of something other than foam.
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    Darth Vader "Death syrum drone"

    I would like to see you guys build the "death serum drone" in the Darth Vader/Princess Leigh prison cell scene. Make it give Josh his flu shot. Lol. No really, put a foam needle on it, please! For all our sakes.
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    will it fly? crimson hunter

    So the fancy men of flite test are looking to challenge their own ability to make cool things happen? I shall submit my bit.. the eldar crimson hunter. a future worthy weapons platform from the table top game of strategic combat, Warhammer 40,000 No beyond replication technology to fool with...
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    First Foamie Setup

    Hello all, I am very new to RC and hope to gain some insight from you more experienced flyers. A buddy and myself are going in on this project together, and after doing our homework we've come up with this list from hobby-king...