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  1. M

    RcExplorer Quadrone

    Does anybody have or know of plans for the quadrone made by David Windestal at RcExplorer? I want to make one for a naza system I'll hopefully get for Christmas. Cheers, Malik
  2. D

    David's Tricopter problem

    Hello, so i've built davids tricopter 2.65, but with a 3s battery(2800mah,30c). The problem is, when I arm my tricopter I need to apply ~3/4 of throttle to get in even moving from the ground, but when it lifts (~1cm) it just goes forward and to the left and almost flips, without me touching...
  3. Airwolf

    Air's multicopter project

    Some toys from HK arrived few days ago: Stuff I bought so far: Flight Controller: 2 x HK KK V2 Motors: Hextronik 4 x DT750s, 1 x Turnigy D3530/14 Servo: 1 x HobbyKing 939 Metal Gear servo Gyros: 2 x HobbyKing 401B Props: 6 x APC style 10x5E ESCs: 4 x Turnigy Plush 40A Some wires... I...