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world war one planes

  1. CatholicFlyer

    Re-design For the Nieuport 24

    Okay, the only person I told the problems of the first design was to @Chuppster how the wood braces was just standing there and the previous high temp hot glue gun was too hot to actually hold anything together. Forgive the horrible drawing, but I got myself a sketch pad and trying to redo the...
  2. CatholicFlyer

    I find Creating and Building Fun & Relaxing

    I have one scratch build project, Bristol Fighter F2b and receiving both criticism and other feedback, which I explained in my bio why it is hard for me to accept, but I do accept it and greatly do appreciate it, since there are no actual RC Plans for either the Bristol or the Nieuport 24, I've...
  3. CatholicFlyer

    After The Nieuport 24, Bristol Fighter F2b

    I found the images/video on Youtube, but waiting to hear back from the New Zealand World War One Club who does the website with all the information on these classic planes and see if I can use some original photos to help build it. I would say in two or three months, the Nieuport will be done...