1. T

    Electrohub Y-6 with Naza flight controller and more

    Flite Test electrohub with everything you need to build your first quacopter and more I caught the bug for racing drones so need to free up some space and let go of my larger multi rotor stuff. Here is what the package includes 6 2212 960 KV motors from ready to fly quads 6 20 amp...
  2. N

    Electrohub Y6 Suggestions Wanted

    Hi all. Longtime Flitetest watcher, First time builder and poster. I've ordered an Electrohub Y6 from the Flitetest store with the Hex D power pack. I also ordered a few 4s batteries to go with it. The info on the store says it can run on 4s with "Smaller Props", but what size should I be...
  3. StoneKap

    Flite Test FAILURE!! Y-6 Debacle :[

    Do not show your kids this episode. Do not try this at home. David had to go home because he was a bad influence on us. This is proof that we are not experts or very intelligent... FLITE TEST Y6 FAILURE! :p