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yaw mechanism

  1. Joexer

    Question on a Novel Concept

    I have always wanted effective yaw for flying wing type design, but all of the "traditional" ways of handling this axis have major drawbacks. Drag Rudders are complicated, Differential Thrust is (IMO) crude and inelegant, Rudders don't have an effective moment. I began looking at flying wing...
  2. T

    Tricopter Tilt motor settings Issues

    Hi everyone! So I am experiencing problems with my KK2.1 board and/or my tilt mechanism. As the tri lifts, 1 of 2 things happen: 1) The motor is not tilted, so it takes off, and less than a second later, it begins to yaw, then, as if the gyros are attempting to compensate, but are tilting in...
  3. RoyBro

    Tricopter Windestål Style Yaw Mechanism

    Sold Out: Tricopter Windestål Style Yaw Mechanism I've put this off because it's kind of embarrassing. But after seeing what guys are prototyping on their 3D printer, my window of opportunity is limited. So here it goes. When I decided to build David's tricopter design, Hobby King was out of...