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    Yuneec Gimbal on DIY Multirotor

    Hi Everyone, Even with years going by, Josh Bixler's Dragonfly has always caught my eye. Something that has always bothered me is how he got that Yuneec gimbal working. Are gimbals and cameras so interchangeable that you can just pick one and fit it to any flight controller? Does anyone...
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    Anyone Know How to Program "Android"? IE The tablet that makes up my TX???

    Ok so I have a Yuneec Typhoon H that comes with an ST-16 Transmitter (which all the transmitter consists of is a 7" Android Based tablet directly in the center of the 14" wide transmitter & everything transmitter wise runs directly through it so I.E. its all digital & although one would come to...
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    Quadcopter AP demo

    Collected a few clips from various runs with the Yuneec Q500+ and CGO2+ camera.
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    Test footage for AP architectural

    Working on some test footage from the holiday weekend - using the Yuneec Q500+ and CGO2+ camera (1080P/60) No color correction done yet, and I discovered it is pretty flare prone - so those are trimmed out (which costs some shots I liked). Still - I'm pretty happy for a quick pass or two at the...