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  1. D

    The New Inspire 1 Zenmuse X5 Gimbal/Camera!

  2. Snarls

    New Camera Goodies From DJI and FLIR

    Was searching the 'webs when I saw some posts from Austin and Flitetest about the new DJI Zenmuse x5 camera and gimbal. A new interchangeable lens camera with aperture, shutter speed, etc adjustments from the remote. Check it out. I wonder if you will be able to buy the camera separately (Edit...
  3. F

    DJI F450 Showcase

    Here is a quick video outlining the capabilities of the DJI F450 fitted with the H-3 3-D Zenmuse Gimbal and powered by the new E300 Propulsion System. The video was filmed in South East England with the Gopro 3+ and edited with FC Pro X. Feel free to check out our YouTube channel and subscribe...
  4. P

    world migratory bird day 2014

    hi there, today is world migratory bird day and the United Nations invites everybody to join the celebration. as in the last two years, i have made a little movie for the occasion and i would be happy if you took the time to have a look at it. the aerial shots were done with my phantom2 and...