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zmr 250

  1. D

    FPV Camera needed

    First off this kwad share idea is the best idea since the creation of Flite Test. I'm in the middle of a ZMR 250 build and have most everything I need accept for the FPV camera. If anyone has a spare lying around please let me know. I've got the frame in flying condition but need the camera...
  2. K

    ZMR 250 Brain Fpv build

    Parts Brainfpv flight controller Dys 1806 2300kv x4 motors Dys 20 amp opto escs x4 Mini h quad zmr 250 pdb Zmr 250 frame TX5G6R video transmitter Smc 600 camera Taranis radio with X8R QUANAM V2 goggles RX5GR av receiver I have my motors connected to my escs ad my escs connect to the power...