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1/2 a and other small nitro engines for sale


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aircraft engines
4-.020 4-.049
2-.049 car engines
2 new in package .020 crankcases 1 bare case 1 with crank and prop drive washer. new in box .020 needle valve needle
1 nib cox glow plug clip various cox wrenches most of the engines have a 2 or 3 blade prop on them. also a few spare glow plugs i believe they all work
1-.049 ac engine
1-MKII .049V missing needle built in recoil starter
1-MKIII .049V built in recoil starter
2- .15 engines 1 has broken needle valve needle but i have a nib replacement for it
i do not know the true value of these items so make me a fair offer buy one or buy them all email me and give me an offer and contact info i will get back to you thank you doug @ dstarkey15021@yahoo.comall items sold thank you
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