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10' Ford Tri-Motor


I was going to wait till I was finished before I posted , but I realized how much I enjoyed watching the progress of others projects so I will post as I build also. This is a 1/8th scale Ford Tri-Motor. I was going to do it in 1/6th scale to match the Golden Age Pylon racers, but that would have been over 12' wingspan, and I didn't want to go that big. Even with about 10' wingspan it will have removable wing panels.

History : The Ford Tri-Motor was the first all metal passenger transport aircraft in the US. It crused at just over 100 mph and had rough runway capability. It carried two pilots and one other crew member as well as 11 passengers. It was the aircraft of choice for the many start up airline companies.

Ford Tri-Motor EAA.jpg

Hope you enjoy the build. :)