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10 years ago today...


It's not the price, it's the money.
I started this wonderful RC hobby ten years ago. Today I ran across an old blog post (date Sep 13, 2010 to boot!) I made on RCGroups about joining the hobby. I posted my "RC Philosophy" It was interesting reading it over. I have to say after 10 years, my views have not changed. I am going to have to revisit it at some point.

Here is the actual post.

RC Philosophy A list of stuff I have learned so far and to help remind me how to get the most out of the hobby!
1 - RC is my hobby, not my life. Keep it in perspective. When I can’t see my family before the fuselage it may be time to re-prioritize.
2 - Put something positive into it. Help others the best you can. Never criticize, or belittle and don’t go there even if others do... even when you really think they deserve it! Remember the “If you don’t have anything nice to say…” adage, especially on-line.
3 - Get something positive out of it (learn something) and/or enjoy it! When I stop learning from it and it stops being enjoyable it’s time to get out.
4 - Try as many types of planes and build techniques and materials as possible! There so much cool stuff in RC flying not to at least try as much as possible. Some guy had “So many planes, so little time.” as his user title. How very true.
5 - Fly! Get some stick time every week even if it's on the simulator. This is a hobby that does take some commitment to be enjoyable. You will like it a lot better if you can fly and you can fly a lot longer when you practice!
6 - RCGroups is an awesome place filled with awesome people (with a few nuts thrown in it keep it "interesting") so share the wealth. If you make a little money with this hobby, put it back into the hobby.