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12" Simple Cub / Tubby Cubby build

I havent built a lot of high wing planes (prefer low and fast!), but the Simple Cub seemed like a good candidate. 12" span, all balsa construction, AR6410L brick RX, 2g HK rotary servo, 7mm motor/gearbox.

Due to the length of the videos, I've sped them up to 16x speed so its more a time lapse build, but you get the idea.

First video is fairly boring, just cutting out the parts. I've tried temporarily gluing the paper to the balsa and cutting the parts that way, but always had a bit of an issue with glue sticking to the balsa afterwards, so I just cut it all out separately. I can only post 5 videos per post, so this video was removed from this post, but its still on my channel

Second video is assembling the fuselage, installing the RX, and getting the push rods set up.

Third video, making and installing the control horns and z-bends for the rudder and elevator, main wing ribs installed, aileron servo wired and installed, pull threads for bomb release glued in place.

4th video, doing the ailerons and wing, and realizing one of the servos was junk and having to remove the RX brick and replace it with a working one, while inside the fuselage...what a pain!

Last build video! Assembling the landing gear and floats.

Maiden flight


more pics a few posts down
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Posted a new video to youtube a few days ago and forgot to post it, so its now on the first post of this thread.

All the construction is done, got a first light coat of paint and a sanding yesterday. Will give another light coat/sanding tomorrow and will clear coat the floats. I did give it a test flight, and promptly flew it into the side of the barn, but its all fixed and i'll take it to an empty field next time, which will be whenever the wind finally dies down.


Thanks, I cant wait either, but the winds havent died down for a few days, but she's all ready to go at a moments notice.

Added the last build video to the first post, making the LG and floats. I'll have to remove the tail wheel though, prop is too close to the ground. Got all the coloring done as well, added a little windshield since the aileron control horn sticks out too far at full deflection, and fixed the slop in the ailerons where the z bends sit in the control horn holes, which are way too big...a bit of CA took up the slack very well.

Empty weight without landing gear is 20.5g, ready to fly weight with a 100mah lipo and landing gear is 24.5 grams, with floats its 27.4, which might be too much for the 7mm motor/gearbox, but we'll see.


02.jpg 03.jpg 04.jpg 05.jpg 06.jpg
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Had a small window of no rain or wind last night, so I gave the Cub a proper maiden (video in the first post at the bottom).

Will have to do something about the take off, as that didnt work out very well. Needs a fair bit of rudder/aileron coupling to turn properly for some reason, but otherwise flies nicely.

Will try to get some better video and try out the floats and bomb drop next.

Floats were too far forward, and slight angled to the right, so that was a no-go! But, I'll readjust them and try again, she seems to have enough power to take off, got up on the floats just fine.

Thanks! Yeah she's a bit over propped, but I needed the thrust since it's a bit on the heavy side.

It's currently hanging on the wall, waiting patiently for summer so I can give the floats another try.