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Nice flying until the pole strike. Total writeoff, eh?

My worst crash was while tuning the autopilot on my Maja UAV. It stalled a wing in a turn and entered a spiral dive. By the time I got in control and stabilized it, I was too close to the ground and too fast to pull up gently, so I pulled up hard and crossed my fingers. Snapped the wing spars and then tore the wing from the fuselage. The fuselage hit the ground like a ton of bricks and broke up, the wing came fluttering down after. Definitely a sinking feeling in my stomach as I took the truck over to gather the debris field.

Despite having ~$700 of equipment in the crash, the camera and autopilot survived the landing, and it took awhile, but I was able to reassemble the chunks of fuselage, reattach the tail surfaces, and extract and replace the spars with new carbon fiber rods. It still flies today, though she is a little fragile. I like foamboard, but EPP puts almost everything else to shame for durability.

I must have been really lucky that day, the only thing I had to write off was the $100 battery. The balance lead tore off, shorting one cell for awhile before the lead burned off. No fire, but the internal resistance of that cell was shot forever. I installed a new balance lead and it now runs my goggles! So, terrible crash, but only my time really was lost.


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My worst crash was with my 50cc redwing extra 330sc. I pulled up gently at about 3/4 throttle, snapping the right wing. I limped it around, maybe was 300ft from the end of the runway, started to come out if a turn and it snapped and spun in. On first look,the damage wasn't that bad. Then we picked it up and everything on the inside was destroyed! Probably were out over a 1,000 dollars. We hated that plane.