16" WS Ultra Micro Simple Scout (40%)


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Yep, here it is. This little guy flys in very small areas (and by small I do mean small), I fly it over the street in front of my house, is way cheaper than any other micro of its class and can be (re)built in a few hours. And it's built out of foam plates.


Parts list:
Brick with 5amp esc and receiver (I used flysky but you can get them in almost any receiver type) Get the one with telemetry there does NOT seem to be LVC on these boards
https://www.ebay.com/itm/324542699113?hash=item4b90409669:g:Si8AAOSwniZgX6ZV (Does require some soldering of tiny pads)

3x 1.7g servo https://www.ebay.com/itm/224392442967

1103 6000kv https://www.ebay.com/itm/324570072321?hash=item4b91e24501:g:pP0AAOSwzyFgdixm (this is enough for basic aerobatics perfect for this plane)

4 inch t-mount props (I used these) https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B089SPJFSJ/?tag=lstir-20

1mm carbon fiber rods https://www.ebay.com/itm/223976392577 (get a couple just to have on hand, they're cheap)

150mah 1s battery


Foam plates (as big as you can find)

Hot glue

Small diameter wire (slightly smaller than the standard ft pushrods)

How to build it

Print the plans at 40% size. Use the plans to cut out pieces of foam plate to build the plane. Simple. The only problem is some pieces are too big for the plate (think fuselage). To get around this we take 2+ foam plates and overlap them. Cut along where the foam plates meet. You will then have two pieces that fit together like puzzle pieces, sort of. Use tape on both sides to connect and stiffen the pieces. If this is confusing have a look at this video from @Joe Carpino who figured out this whole foam plate thing.

Instead of making score cuts to do folds, you simply crease the foam. I use a pen and a ruler to do this.

For the fire wall and control horns I just cut them out of scrap plastic in the recycle bin.

For pushrods you can either make it out of wire like they do at FT, or you can do as I did and use pieces of CF rod. Cut the rod to the correct length. Then use CA glue and heat shrink to fix the wire Z bends to the ends of the CF rod. You now have an overly complicated push rod.

Use CF rods to reinforce certain areas such as the vertical stabilizer.

You can either crease the control surfaces or use tape hinges.

I did glue the power pod in, no real way around that.

This plane flys super nice, just like the big one. It can take quite a few crashes as well. I would not recommend putting the aileron servo where I did, as this caused a good amount of adverse yaw. Totally manageable but you can't do a clean roll without it turning into a barrel roll.

I hope you all enjoy this, I know @AgentC was interested. Next I gotta figure out how to make them swappable.