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175 percent Flitetest Long EZ


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Ok I already built 4 flitetest plane models unfortunately I haven't flown neither one of them. I'm building a long ez but the flitetest plane is to small. If memory serves me correct I believe it's a 19 inch ws. I hope I'm calculating everything correctly with me upscaling it to 175 I believe itll bring the ws to 33.25 inches or 844.55 mm. My question is should I keep it a single sheet wing or make a wing with a spar in it. Any input would be appreciated
Make a wing with a spar.

I never did quite get the hang of the Long EZ at its original size. And those mishaps snapped the single sheet wing/canard pretty easily. So definitely go for a thicker wing.


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I love the design but it made me feel as if I did a bigger one a tall piece of grass would destroy it. I was gonna go with a symmetrical design for the canards and build the wings asymmetric


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This sounds like a perfect application for @Hai-Lee's laminated wings. Basically strip the paper on the insides and sandwich together using white glue. I have done it and it makes a very strong wing. For shaping use an iron and make a nice rounded leading edge. Do a long taper taper on the top sheet from a few inches back to the hinge line(use a wood strait edge to guide the iron, do the trailing edge before laminating), leave the control surfaces on the bottom sheet as a single layer. You can put a spar in there too (did that with my viggen wing). Should make a fairly light strong solution.


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Yes it would make a nice candidate for a KFM 2 wing with a CF spar buried in the sandwich! You could even do it as a fold over on the LE and so have a nice smooth and strong LE as well.

For a straight KFM 2 I would recommend yo make the top layer from the LE to half cord, (excluding the elevons). This means half way between the LE and the hinge line!

Have fun!


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Original size long ez is a handful, but lots of fun! How can you go wrong with $1.25 of airframe! Large version might end up being $3.75! Can not wait to see it!
I'll take a picture when I get home I'm using a c pack motor it's exactly like the flight test model I built it exactly the same if it flops I'll do it again with a better wing design. But looking at it now its awesomeness lol


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Well this is my progress on my Ft Long Ez175 the cg is kinda neutral so I've made a tray for the battery to sit in so I can jam the battery all the way up the nose. I hope you all like it.