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1924 Lincoln Sport - For a Friend


Building Fool-Flying Noob
@Forster - Thank you for the Panel. Makes me think I should get a hole puncher.

More Progress:
I realized I needed to have a way to link the Fuselage to the Lower wing, and the upper truss frame is critical to build success. The vertical piece is two gift cards laminating a foam board piece.
I will use that as a battery platform support.

See the grooved cut in the underside to accept the skewers. Simply peel the paper, and pick out the foam to glue in the cut BBQ skewer

In the Picture below note the groove in the bottom of the upper wing to accept the truss, and the laminated vertical piece (spline) with the matching slot in the fuse. The spline is notched to go over the lower wing spar, to maintain structural integrity of the wing.
As I place the Upper truss, I notice the cockpit seat is too big and far forward...

My goal is to have this flown by the end of memorial day! (Monday)


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Slow, low and dirty.
It's looking great. Makes me wonder about my S.E.5a from a scout project. I've been toying with wooden struts attached with pushrod wire (taking the place of the rigging wire) or just leaving them off. I maidened it without the struts and it still looks great from 20'.