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1939 Popular Aviation Special

1939 Popular Aviation Special plane: 1.0 plans: beta


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Vimana89 submitted a new resource:

1939 Popular Aviation Special - Sporty, speedy, and aerobatic, this Outerzone classic made foam is a design ahead of its time!

This is a hand drawn plan and my first attempt at making plans for an RC plane. The symbols for cuts and folds are mostly copied from FT's style of plans(with credit).

This design is based on an old balsa plan (Found originally on Outerzone). It is from the very early days of RC, literally designed as a powered free flight sport model in 1939 (The very early days of hobbyist RC) as the name implies. Popular Aviation was an aviation related magazine started in 1927 and had...
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I just put mine together. 115 min All told. Simple design easy construction.
Wow stellar job and quick time👍.With 100% construction from white papered foam where I used some heavier papered colorful stuff on my wings, and the choice of one aileron servo vs two, yours will be nice and light. The three blade prop is a great choice for getting a feel for the plane and honestly not a bad choice in general. That one should fly extra nice!