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1st time delta wing with firebird stratos parts

Title explains the idea, im reposting this since the original question is now answered.
That is a conceptual drawing, mostly to figure out how i can get the reciever/servos to work for a wing. There are a few issues that ive run into:

firebird stratos is a two prop and i plan on using only one of the motors, i noticed last night when i was testing the servo configuration that the craft will only activate if the motors are plugged in. If im only using one motor this could present a problem and im wondering if anyone knows how to bypass this.

I have no clue where im going to get swivels for the aileron system, especially ones light enough for a craft with around a 1.5 foot wingspan. I was going to just go into lowes or the hobby store and see if they have something, if not im going to have to get creative.

The servos are plastic? and im worried they might not be tough enough to handle the stresses involved in turning a motor and both ailerons. I can take pictures if needed.


New member
from what i am seeing in your drawing, are you planning on having the two ailerons controlled by the one servo, and the other servo used to tilt your motor? i guess this could work, but honestly you'd save a ton of weight and hassle if you just used one servo per elevon, set up a mix in your transmitter (even the cheapest transmitters can do this) this way you have a lot less moving parts to work with, also it'll mean that everything will be lighter.

so i'd suggest pushing the servo's a bit wider, so the pushrods are straight. if you're not sure, check out the video's on the FT Delta, it shows how to do an elevon setup.
The firebird stratos has one of those video game transmitters. Im not sure i could mix it, but if i could i would definitely take that route.

Edit: also as far as i know you cannot rebind the craft, they only sold as rtf and ive seen nothing in the instructions on how to rebind.