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$200 CNC router?


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So I ran across this YouTube post yesterday. LINK. Pretty cool stuff for low bucks. Would be hard to router cut fuselages at that plate size (unless you know CAD) but could be useful for smaller items like ribs, formers etc.



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Cute little machine. It seems to have very low cutting force as evidenced by the gear they cut out of plate aluminum later in the video (70 minutes!) Probably the feed rates have to be kept way down to avoid flexing the head or risking stalling the little motor.

However for plastics or hobby plywood it would probably work pretty well. And CAD is surprisingly easy to get into now that there are some good free tools available, I encourage anyone to download LibreCAD (2D: Autocad equivalent) and/or FreeCAD (3D parametric: Solidworks equivalent) and try to draw up some parts.
Generally, the cutting ability of this kind of small CNC milling machine is very low. If this machine is used to make aircraft parts, it should be rough


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I bought this one a few weeks ago. I'm reasonably satisfied with it. I've been able to cut thin plywood so long as you don't go too fast. This is my first CNC machine so I've got a lot to learn. I'm not sure I've got the best milling bits.

Hi Merv

Ive been looking over some of the posts re cnc cutting and I was wondering if the cuter that you just bought was suitable for cutting foam as well as balsa to say 3/8"?


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I was wondering if the cuter that you just bought was suitable for cutting foam as well as balsa to say 3/8"?
Yes, I believe it would handle balsa. I have cut 1/4 inch plywood with it. I still have a lot to learn, it’s a matter of finding the right bit and the right feed speed. I have made a bunch of control horns from gift cards.

Foam would not be any problem, the cutting bed is not large enough to be useful to cut a plane, about 9x12. I’m in the process of building a needle cutter for planes.
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Very interesting little machine - and it's down to $179 on sale now :D

That youtube review video also turned me on to Carbide Create - a free 2.5 CAD/CAM software that looks really good - I'm downloading and installing that now and plan to use it with my Lowrider - with luck it will replace what I've been doing with Easel (which is free and helpful and all, but not the most efficient user interface).

Thanks for sharing this!
@rockyboy I'd love to hear what you think of the Carbide Create software. I'm currently using estlcam to get started with the MPCNC.
I recently purchased a MPCNC, It was quiet good.
Its built up is superb - the surface area of the MPCNC is as large as 1x1m. It means the recommended build has to be 2x2 ft with height of 0.6x0.6 m. Now there is one axis still present. That is the Z-axis. Now it depends on the motive that is going to occur.
I read that article before buying it :- https://theedgecutter.com/mostly-printed-cnc-review/

It has comprehensive info related to MPCNC.
They include these things which can help you any of you.

  • The Build
  • The Capabilities
  • The 3D Printer
  • A Brief on the Mill
  • Know about the Plasma Cutter
  • Equipment Availability
  • Comparison Between Mostly Printed CNC and X-Carve