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200% Experimental Airlines Noob Tube Build Part 3


Judge me by my age?
Hello everyone! Here is the part 3 build of my 200% noob tube.

If you haven't already, you can go to my channel and see part 1 and 2. Just so you know it might be a while until part 4 because it will take time to save for the huge servos that i'm going to use on this plane. Thanks!
Looks like an awesome project! You will have either 3S 4400 mAH or 6S 2200 mAH depending on if placed in parallel or series, voltage and capacity both don't double when you connect batteries together. I also suspect the battery hatch will come open in flight unless some sort of restraint is installed as the internal structure will likely be pressurized from prop and motion. Even if initial friction fit is enough, that will go away after a few battery swaps...maybe some RE magnets or a servo arm latch like FT did on their new wing.


Judge me by my age?
Thanks for the suggestions! I think I will probably just slap down a piece of duct tape to hold down the hatch. And are sure that there's know way for me to run two 3S 2200s and get 6S 4400? It seems doable to me


Judge me by my age?
Actually, because it is going to use a twin motor setup, I will just plug each battery into one of the ESCs. In that case I will probably need long battery extension wires
And are sure that there's know way for me to run two 3S 2200s and get 6S 4400? It seems doable to me
I am 100% positive. Take a look at a 3S 2200mah cell you have sitting around. It's built with 3 1S cells, each cell is rated at 2200mah. Those three individual cells are joined in series, positive to negative, which increases the voltage by adding each cell together, but the capacity at 2200mah stays the same.

Here's a simple article that explains further, if you really want to get into the tech and science, look at batteryuniversity.com to get really in depth.