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2012 Update - New Website


Staff member

In this episode of Flite Test, Josh, Josh, and chad talk about our new website! Watch as Chad explains some of the new functionality of the website, and some of the new key features that let you become the star! Create an account and get started now!


Rotor Riot!
Hi guys, i might be missing something very obvious here, but how do you submit a new article?? I can't find how!
Log into the new site, go to the "my account" link in the top right corner, and see the left bar under your picture. You need to be approved as an author before you can post.


Can you make a forum tab instead of the tiny hyperlink in the corner? Also, making a "current episode" link would be nice. Other than those minor items, it is great! I've been enjoying the user generated content immensely. I'm still working up a worthy technical article.