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2018-2019 Balsa Build Along - Turbinator-E by FoamyDM


Building Fool-Flying Noob
For this 2018-2019 Build along, I plan to build The Ductinator-E by Ziroli I scored from a hobbyist who cannot continue building for health reasons, and a member was helping him unload them, bought for a steal.
The EDF just came in. (my other kit is a Contender 40)
I have NO Balsa Build Experience. NONE. So please help where you can. I will be reviewing other Balsa Build alongs. and seeing other Ductinator Builds for advice and useful tips and adds.
This will be exciting! but I have some Projects to tackle - see Rockyboy's other Fantasy Build Challenge.



Aviation Enthusiast
WOW! That is one cool plane. It looks pretty straight forward, the wing fillets may be the hardest part. I would love to build a jet, but all we have is bumpy grass fields around here...


Building Fool-Flying Noob
Thanks. Normally I try to build my own gear, as I'm cheap. Bit I might buy right sized retracts after asking my field-mates what's best for out field.


Skill Collector
Looking forward to this! :D

Since you're all new to balsa, I'd recommend checking into a couple threads

Joker started a great "How-to First Balsa Build" thread (that needs to be pinned - I'll send a note off to the mods about this)


Check into any of the "Balsa Build Along" threads for lots of great advice and scintillating glue on balsa action! :p The 2016 year in particular had a lot of great builds


And not trying to toot my own horn too much, but I did a very thorough step by step of my Mountain Models EVA build thread, and lots of others jumped in with great tips and tricks throughout the process. At least I think it's worth the read :p



Building Fool-Flying Noob
Looking forward to this! :D

Since you're all new to balsa, I'd recommend checking into a couple threads
Thank you So very Much @rockyboy . and the rest of you for the encouragement. I will read and adsorb these as I finish my other Fantasy models, see the signature for some (and other low hanging fruit.) Like the Piper Cub I am almost done with, and the ~10" Kingfisher to go with a battleship at 1:100 (long way off.)