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2018 Flite Test Forum Challenge: WWII Design & Build


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Arresting gear

Well, I guess the Ohka can have the gold then. Landings are super easy as they were never designed to land... only explode. I'll give the carrier idea some thought. Need to figure out a real way to get some tension on a line so arrest the plane... not rip the backside off entirely.
I'm thinking weight will be a challenge since heavier planes will require more stout resistance. Otherwise we'd need a way to not only reset it but also adjust for weight.

Maybe a few different arresting wires, each corresponding to the different aircraft weights. If they are placed in series on the same runway the stoutest ones first and light weight ones later.
On the aircraft side, the builder will need to compensate for the added weight also in the tail section. Maybe a bigger battery instead of lead in the nose. Hmm 


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This is how the carrier event does it.

"The edge of the deck shall be adequately marked. The arresting area of the deck shall be 18 feet, 9 inches to 20 feet long, and have 10 arresting cables with a minimum diameter of one-eighth (.125) inch, and a maximum diameter of one-fourth (.250) inch, with a minimum breaking strength of 200 pounds suspended from one-fourth (.250) inch to one-half (.500) inch above the deck, spaced two (2) feet apart starting two (2) feet from the stern of the deck. Sand bags weighing approximately five (5) pounds each shall be attached to each end of the 18-foot long arresting cables. Screw eyes or other suitable guides shall be used on the outer edges of the deck to hold up the cable and also allow the cable to move through when an arrested landing is being made."


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I was just looking at the participant list and I thought of something, at least two dudes were talking about making japanese planes but I don't see them entered (also there are more allies than axis so they would make the numbers equal)
Arado E.555

Good Evening from Britain!

Unfortunately, I will be unable to attend Flite Fest (West and East) because it will fall in the middle of my A-Level exams. However, I attend to participate anyway. I shall be designing and building the Arado E.555, a german concept for a bomber to reach New York. I intend it to have a 50-60 inch wingspan and be powered by probably 2 pusher propellers. Again, due to my inability to attend FF2K18, I shall instead post a maiden flight video on the FliteTest forum.

Cheers from GB,


arado e555.jpg


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Welcome aboard guys! Love to see us keep expanding participants in this!!

JollyOlBrits, please don't forget to start up a build thread and post the link here so we can all follow along and encourage (and/or mock :p) your progress!

And Jim, yeah - there are thoughts going in that direction. Moveable turrents I mean, not throwing a junior partner out into the gibbet on the end of the plane ;)
Wow, I just came across the Lockheed L-133. It is amazing how early its design started.

I thought I would post it in case someone is looking for a cool design to build. Anyone? :D

Wow, I just came across the Lockheed L-133. It is amazing how early its design started.

I thought I would post it in case someone is looking for a cool design to build. Anyone? :D

View attachment 92247
Another cool one is the BTD-1 Destroyer. I think it looks pretty cool, especially with the huge torps underneath. I wanna try and build this one myself, but not for the competition. Anyone else is welcome to use it instead!

BTD-1 Destroyer.jpg