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Help! 2019 Fantasy Aircraft Design & Build Challenge!


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I've never drew up plans or entered a build off but I think I may try this. All my planes look pretty Sci fi already so my entry, if accepted, will be a bit outside of my conform zone.

How about a boeing SUGAR. Its a future concept airliner
That looks like an awesome project to tackle!

Welcome aboard! :D


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Hey guys, so I know I haven't made a build thread for the SHIELD quinjet, and to be honest, its because I've made two models so far, both powered with two F back motors in a pusher configuration. Both times, flight stability was extremely bad. And by that I mean that the first model didn't fly, and the second one didn't fly for more than a minute.


I'm changing my entry into this contest to be a different MCU aircraft. Something that ties in to last years contest. Hydra will soar to victory, upon the wings of the Valkyrie! I'm gonna try and make the Hydra bomber (flying wing) from Captain America: The First Avenger, and if time allows, I'll attempt the parasite fighter too. So this plane has 10 engines, 4 props on each side and 2 jet turbines. I'm going to cut it down to 6. 2 props on each side of the wing and then 2 edfs. I'm planning on using 4 F pack motors and then either 64mm or 70mm EDFs.



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@Zephyr1 very cool! It also looks like there are vertical fins coming down under the props that could help with yaw stability too...

The more entries the merrier @kilroy07 ! I like the comic book fantasy Horton even better than the prop they put together for the movie - the gull wings look very cool :D