2021 SeaPlane Design & Build Challenge!


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FTFC21 - Flite Test Forum Community 2021 - Seaplane Design & Build Challenge
Simple - Design & Build a Seaplane, and fly it off a waterbody!

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Participants will design and build an electric motor driven, radio-controlled mostly Foamboard Seaplane model of a Historic or Fantasy Seaplane, demonstrate that it is capable of controlled flight, and release the plans freely to the community. At the end of the design portion of the competition, a panel selected from the Flite Test forums will score the entries and select winners from the completed and flight-proven models posted on the forums.

  • Celebrate the venerable Seaplane be it float planes, or flying boats
  • Foster interest in building foam board model aircraft from community plans
  • Promote designing and building as one of the aspects of the FT community
  • Compete in flying events where any level of experience can be a winner
  • Engage in some friendly forum banter :)

Make a Build log that contains the following: (100 pts)
  • Entry (10pts)
    • Plane name and Pic of the goal (5 pts)
    • statement of why you chose it (5 pts)
  • History of the selection (20 pts)
    • Design intent of the plane (3 pts)
    • Historic facts or it's lore in the alternate setting. Or create one, if little is known (12pts)
    • stats (5 pts)
  • Build log - (30 pts)
    • highlighting how your plane is waterproofed (5pts)
    • Design steps and obstacles & how you overcame them (10 pts)
      • [Basic (2), Helpful (4), Well detailed in the right places (7), Article ready(10)]
    • Details of unique build techniques, (5 pts)
    • Summarized in 1 post. (5 pts)
    • RC stats (5pts)
  • Maiden Video (10 pts)
  • Free Plans link (10 pts)
  • Decoration (8pts)
  • Take-away - Feedback and advice to future builders. How was it to build. how was it to fly. (7 pts)

Bonus points if it's new to FT community/custom (+10 pts) Upload your plans as a resource (+5 pts)

End of July 14th (Midnight)

How to Enter - in scratchbuilder's corner add a thread Forum/General RC Topics/User Generated Challenges: FTFC21 - Seaplane Design & Build by [entrant], [plane name] Then reply to this thread with a link to the build-log.

Winner will have Bragging rights & a Trophy.


ENTRANTS [Reserved]

  1. @leaded50 - Yokosuka 12-Shi Special Flying Boat (H7Y) | Build Log
  2. @Hondo76251 - Boeing 314 | Build Log
  3. @SquirrelTail - Extra AFD | Build Log
  4. @DinosEatPeople1 - Messerschmitt M23 | Build Log
  5. @The Hangar - Icon A - 5 | Build Log
  6. @FoamyDM - OS2u Kingfisher | Build Log
  7. @FoamyDM - Junker J-1000 | Build Log
  8. @Matthewdupreez - Lake-Super-Buccaneer | Build log
  9. @Crawford Bros. Aeroplanes - poolboy | Build Log
  10. @FlyerInStyle - Boeing B and W 1916 |Build log
  11. @Dr. Looping Looie - Dornier Libelle II | Build Log
  12. @Dr. Looping Looie - Berijev Be 103 | Build Log
  13. @Test Fly RC - de Havilland Sea Vixen | Build Log
  14. @DinosEatPeople1 - Gotha WD-10 | Build Log
  15. @leaded50 - Pegna P.c.1 - 1921 Schneider Cup Racer | Build Log
  16. @Taildragger - AirFish A8 | Build Log
  17. @cyclone3350 - Martin-XP6M-1-Seamaster | Build Log
  18. @FlyerInStyle - Fokker D8 |Build log
  19. @Scotto - f9c-3-sparrowhawk | Build Log
  1. 🏆 1st
  2. 2nd
  3. 3rd
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i suppose (for first time) its possible i will participate with one plane of my list for a long time. Im soon used a year to gather info on the plane, and got some, but not all wanted. The Yokosuka 12-Shi Special Flying Boat (H7Y) from 1937-39 , a real mystery. The fact that our time has not reached any photos or explanatory drawing of the project. Referring to the authoritative sources: According to "Encyclopedia of Japanese Aircraft 1900-1945, Vol. II Aichi / Kugisho aircraft" (Shuppan-Kyodo Publishers [Japan], 1966), the project of a flying boat H7Y was so secretive that no one outside of this project does not knew about it, this is due to the lack of pictures and diagrams. There's also mention of the use of a flying boat diesel engines Junkers Jumo-205C, a few pieces of which was purchased in Germany in the late 30s. Japanese also carefully studied the German experience in the creation of a similar aircraft - flying boat Dornier Do-26. There's also the second volume Encyclopedia alleging four-circuit H7Y, in which the German Jumo-205C engines were installed on the Japanese boat in pairs in tandem, rather reminding scheme Dornier Do-26. Renowned aviation historian Tadashi Nozawa said at the same time that the Japanese project was a twin-engine scheme".
This photo is said to be of the plane.. but it isnt veryfied. And its different opinon on how it was, 2 or 4 engines, where the wingfloats was,eg.

My plan is use what info i got, as the "Davis-style trapezoidal wing shape ", the bigger spinners than on the Dornier, twin-engine.... and follow some of the fuselage design from the Dornier, since its said had much recemblance. Till july is should perhaps can make it ;)
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Absolutely beautiful entry.
You're not kidding anybody. Once you start it'll take you 3 days to complete. :D


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Absolutely beautiful entry.
You're not kidding anybody. Once you start it'll take you 3 days to complete. :D
Ha,ha :LOL: Ill try be slower (or need, to get a more instructual build.) At moment, i have no spare servos, no foambord eg.. so at least it will not be ready this week :LOL::ROFLMAO::LOL:


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OK - I have been on a finish-it or toss-it kick lately. In that Vain, I have 4 planes wish to review and finish as part of this challenge. I start my Entry with the Vought OS2u Kinfisher from of the back of the USS North Carolina.
  1. Vought OS2u Kingfisher |Plans V1.0 | Forum Thread
  2. Savoia Marchetti s55x | Plans V1.0 | Forum Thread
  3. LPL Flying Submarine |Plans V1.0 | Forum Thread
  4. Spruce Gosling |Plans V1.0 | Forum Thread
  5. Likely one of these Flying - Boats