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249g Fpv wing in foam core?

Could a foamcore wing with Fpv be built that is 239g with batt and FPV gear, like the RMRC mini swift wing? http://www.readymaderc.com/store/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=112_675&products_id=4086
I downloaded the versa plans and found foamcore on sale at michales for 1$, then saw the sub249g wing and thinking of using my printer to scale down the plans, it wasn't looking right, so here I am, back to the source, for advice or ideas...

So, long time lurker, watcher on the show, miss your live shows, but get all the periscopes from you guys.


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DTFB FPV wing for less than 250g? Yes. Versa? Maybe, but if so, it wouldn't be easy.

Check out the FT Arrow. It has been repeatedly been fully built out less than 250g. The motor being farther forward reduces the amount of ballast needed to put the CG in the right spot, lowering the overall weight.

You'll need to build light, use light-weight parts and materials (Michael's foam -- if it's Elmer's Brand -- is probably twice as heavy per square inch as DTFB), and might need to strip the paper from the wings, but it has been and can be done.
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FT mini arrow, as suggested

Use gorilla glue instead of hot glue. If you have the heavy foam, remove the paper on both sides, and cover one side with packing tape, per Ed's instructions: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PbyVGfB1oCg (he leaves the paper on one side, but that's with DTFB, you should probably remove all the paper)

Leaving the paper on the spar is probably a good idea.

A 1806 motor, lightweight receiver/esc and 2S battery and you should be good =)
Thanks, I'll watch that vid...
I have 3 1806 mtr's, we'll have 4 but one was bad out the box and it was ordered so long ago I thought Tricopter or some mini wings.it came with these 12a esc's that are so small, 5g's, i think they might be like 6a esc's.
I already planned on gorilla glue, but yeah, peeling off paper might be the way to go.
3m packing tape, I have 3 kinds, thin, very thick, and fiberglass strands (anyway something stringy...he he)
Off to YouTube nevernever land...he he