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250 Class Quadcopter Problems

Hey there, I have been building a 250 class quadcopter since the last 2 weeks.
I'm using the following components:
1. ZMR 250 C.F frame(Chinese clone)
2. Naze32 10 DOF Rev6
3. Marspower MX1806-2280kv motors
4. Emax Blheli (yinyanmodel.com) 12a esc's from banggood.com[http://www.banggood.com/EMAX-BLHeli-Series-6A-12A-20A-30A-ESC-p-963634.html?rmmds=search]
5. Mini PDB[http://www.banggood.com/CC3D-NAZE32...2V-3A-for-QAV250-p-1023543.html?rmmds=search]
6. Flysky Fs-i6 transmitter with fs-ia6 receiver(No ppm)
7. Orange 2300mah 3s 30c battery pack.

I have built the frame, installed the pdb, FC, motors esc, & all the other components. I have also calibrated the esc using cleanflight. But there always seems to be a problem in running the escs correctly. The ones connected to the anti-clockwise motors spin at an overall lower rpm than the clockwise ones. The maximum of the clockwise esc is more than the anti-cw. Also the anti-cw gets heated much more than the cw ones. As these are old escs the emax support team doesn.t provide any support & neither does BLHeli. I don't know what kind of bootloader they came in pre-flashed. I have cut out their heat shrink sleeves. They contain a SiLabs ship. Any ideas on how to flash them with blheli bootloader so that i can install the blheli firmware to change the esc settings directly using blheli suite through cleanflight COM port.
I have already tried flashing it using the cleanflight usb directly, but it says connection failed, please check power & data connections.
I've also tried using the arduino nano as ISP programmer, connected the esc servo cable to it. But that too has failed. As it continuously keeps saying not in sync even though i tried different baud rates.
Another method which someone suggested me was to use the arduino as a c2 4way interface. I connected the +5v, signal 7 ground solder pads using a servo cable to the arduino. But that too doesn't seem to work. And it keeps saying check the interface, the power & connection may be down, All siqnals are low, in the BLHeli suite.
Any help with the esc's would be helpful.
I'm planning to throw these shitty esc which i bought when i had no idea of the bootloader or other problems. Pl suggest another esc to buy.