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250 Quad case survey

I did it, but I did it as a case to keep in the car, so the all the add on pockets except for the integrated charger. I think the integrated charger is a good idea though. I want to know why you asked about durability.


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done. hope the data helps you with your project.

i personally think i will want one that i can throw in a car down the road.. iv been looking around and the closes thing iv seen is 60.00.

and it was one of them aluminum ones.



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it is a community survey. i am doing the project as a coursework exam, and part of the documentation on the project requires a survey. I will Probably post a build log of it, and feel free to use my design. but this is by no means a survey for a new commercial product. i thought durability would be important in case of a butterfingers incident. (i drop everything)


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This is part of the planning phase, but i plan to use fibreglass for the shell, foam for protection, and some metal and wood parts for compartmentalisation


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Just finished the survey. It sounds like a neat idea. I can't wait to see where it will go. Make sure to post a build log or something if you can.
the thing i want to make in my case eventually, or make a separate case, is a way to let lipos cool after use, while in the case. fresh lipos off my quad are hot, and it makes me uneasy when i put them in the case and the foam just insulates them for hours and they stay warm. a solution to that would do me in, id buy that. especially for some of the new 250 stuff, these things run *hot*.
custom case reply

I actually have been planning on building one myself for my first quad system. My idea was a pelican case that had the fpv system in the lid, a place for the charger, batteries, quad, transmitter, and any accessories. Basically my goal is to have everything I need to go rave in one complete system and make it as size efficient as possible. Maybe a cooling fan inside the case so you can leave it in a car on a hot day without destroying electronics as well! Would be interesting to say the least. I am new to the quad building world but I will be documenting my system build as parts finally come in the mail!
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