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250g Limit... where is the science?

It's interesting to see Americans are still bothered by 250g rule.In China, it just the opposite, lot's of people think 250g rule is a protect to aeromodel,because when someone in city park says 'you are flying illeaglely',you can say,'oh ,I am under 250g and it is micro drone,don't need licence'.Also there's much more people in park ,we just fly coreless motor micro models,they are harmless and only 50~100g.
However in some place you even can't fly a 30g aircraft, without any explanation...so under 250g is not much a problem in city.


Elite member
You could say the same sort of thing about many laws.
Do speed limits prevent speeding? Do drug laws prevent drug addiction?
In nearly all cases laws do reduce law breaking but never eliminate it.