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3 meter inverted v-tail tav from bird of time

HI this is my first post and first balsa build. Learned a lot but very happy with the end product. started with a bird of time wing and started by beefing up the center section a little with some triangle balsa on the ribs in order to hold the spars for the v tail. originally used the fuse from the sky hunter since it was going to be a pusher. but with the tail being so long and that fuse so short i built one from scratch in order to get the weight far enough forward to get a happy cg. this is what i ended up with. tell me what you guys think i am open to new ideas to make it even better. IMG_6169.JPG IMG_6156.JPG IMG_6159.JPG IMG_6160.JPG

also have a link to the you tube videos of it flying its maiden


wingspan is 118" using a t motor 570kv with a 16x10 prop castle 75 speed controller and the 2 servos are hitec i think. its just a 3 channel. weighty i still don't know guessing around 6-7 pounds with out fpv and camera gear