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3000m under $300


The Expert Newbie
I thought of twisting the 100mph under 100usd to 3000m FPV under 300usd excluding shipping and transmitter price.

Modify and discuss :)
i agree! if anyone can figure this out, David can! ive been lurking on his site, and learning TONS! i really want to build a tricopter now because of him haha! im thinking it would be a vehicle i could go out and use more often than my planes... but that leads me back to the 3000m for cheap thing :) id love to get some great aerial shots of my town! heck, i could even FPV my way to my brother's house, and land in his yard! would be great for picking up/dropping off very small packages haha! though, id probably have to sit on my roof... theres a lot of trees about house-height around my place... i live in town, he lives on the outskirts on a farm
that would be awesome, but i cant see it... hk has pretty much the most inexpensive stuff ive been able to find anywhere, and their goggles are like 200$... i dont think you could get the rest of the gear for under 100$...


Site Moderator
The simplest would be my Mini Skywalker with a 9x with FrSky and 7db Patch Antenna.

FatShark V1 or V2 Predators $285
MiniSkywalker $35 with accessories
7db Patch antenna $8
CP (or Helical) & CL Antennas $25

A variation could be the use of a Monitor and 5.8Ghz RX/TX and it would fall well under $300