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3d flyer build

I started flying rc again this year after my bestfriend convinced me to buy the super cub s by horizon hobby.It has been 13 years since I've flown Rc.I started getting good at flying my super cub so I decided to build my first 3d flyer.I noticed the 3d flyers aren't cheap from the hobby stores so I bought two sheets of Dollar Tree foam board for my first scratch build.After watching multiple flite test build videos 20180629_203302.jpg 20180629_203253.jpg I went on to google and started looking up diy 3d flyers and found a plane that looked simple.The build was a total of 3 hours to build,the only problem I ran into was the elevator and rudder being a little crooked it might be because I haven't glued anything in place.I made two sets of swappable rudders and elevators just in case I have to change them.I drew out the plane and used a exacto knife to cut out the plane. I found the center of the plane and traced the thickness of the foam board and slotted everything together.I am planning on ordering a flite test kit with all the electronics or possibly a kit from Amazon or Ebay.If you have any suggestions please feel free to comment I am a noob flyer I could use as much help as possible.
I would recomend adding small carbon strips to the horizontals and perhaps doubling up the foamboard on the fuselage. Looks like it will need a lot of strengthening i think? The thin section of the fuselage between the wing and tail will break for sure.


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looks like you are trying to build a Yak. by the size i'd say roughly 24'?

then i'd start HERE . :unsure:

i built the 19" and made some major changes to the way he arranged the fuselage pieces. join as main as you can, and make a 50/50 center slot on the vert and horz pieces to join together in the middle.


the pink one is the first i built using his plans, the one i'm cutting you can see the red marks on the horizontal piece, that is the 50% cut on the front. this whole piece is made out of 1 piece of foam board instead of the 3 in his plans. i added a carbon rod across the CG line on the wing plus bbq skewers down the fuselage. i used 3, micro 3g metal geared servos, a 1806-2300kv w/ 6045 prop, 3S-370mah. i wanted an indoor 3D plane, what i got was a rocket ship that was lot's of fun, but not for the meek of heart.

i built 3 of them and all were ton's of fun. if i did it again i''d go smaller motor, smaller everything, but then it starts getting really $$$$, and really annoying.

good luck.

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I have been trying to build the yak I'm very new at building so it's been a challenge 😂 thank you for the help mrjdstewart it is much appreciated.happy flying !


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if i was you i would also maybe look at a diff plane to start with. that Yak is difficult-ish, esp if you haven't built much. it is also very small and twitchy. if your heart is set on it, then i would start by building the bigger version of it. it will allow you more room for error. the smaller you go, the more complex and difficult things become and the easier it is to mess up.

good luck,

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