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3D Printed 250 Racer Build Log

wow, very interesting choices.
i was sorta surprised the blackout did not make the list.
Once you see the that an article uses the term "drone" that it isn't going to be about the really serious hobby grade machines. All of those are marketed very well to the general public, and the blackout isn't as advertised as well the qav250.
I wish there could be a recall or something like that on those gemfan 6x3 props. They were my first props, and they just kept breaking in hover. I have never used 5 inch props, but from I can tell gemfan and HQ can both take quite a beating. Also, when you are learning, do not get carbon composite props. They are much stiffer and hold their shape better when under high RPM, but when you crash the blades snap off at the hub. Gemfan props, at least the big ones, come terribly balanced.