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3D printer

For a very very long time I wanted a 3d printer. I finally purchased one instead of building it from scratch. With my new PrintrBot I can create things 10*10*10cm.

So far I printed toys for my kids, replacement items for the printer and various bits and bobbins.
Next up is a range of GoPro mounts for a friend of mine to mount on his rallycar with ~800bhp.

I cannot describe the feeling creating objects from scratch and see it build up layer by layer - you have to experience it.

Here is just 1 picture, see lots more on my G+ profile
I might not be able to create entire planes but I can Tricopter yaw's, gimbals for FPV (brushless)
covers for bare FPV cameras, motor mounts and lots of other useful parts..

The gear on the picture is about 80mm across


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"replacement items for the printer"?? Self replicating machines are abominations and a danger to the human dominance on earth! Print responsibly.


New member
I'm curious what the cost of printing a plane like that one in the video would be. I'd love to have a 3d printer, as a 3d artist, that'd be awesome to design up a plane and have it built infront of you. consider me jealous mate :)