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3DLabPrint Supermarine Spitfire MkIX

It flew! I had our club's version of Josh maiden it for me (he pretty much maiden's all of the planes for us rookies) and he said it flew beautifully. He had to put a few clicks of down, but that was it. We didn't use the flaps and kept the gear down. He said it had no bad tendencies, even at slow speeds; just like in Josh's video.

Here is the link to the short video of the take off and some of the flight.

Don't mind the kids, we were all excited to see it fly! My friend, who did the printing, filmed it, so both his kids as well as my two boys (10, 13) were on hand (mine would have been there anyway as they are members of the club as well).

Andre, thanks for all your help. I appreciate you taking the time to answer my questions, which helped to get this plastic beast in the air! This is exactly what FliteTest is all about! Community and sharing of ideas and knowledge. I look forward to seeing yours fly as well (with much better video quality than I have ;)). I wish I could make it to FliteFest, maybe next year.