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3th annual FPV meeting


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AltitudeRC is proud to offer you the BIGGEST FPV meeting 2012 !!

We are starting to organized it and we will post all the details has they come here and on AltitudeRC.com

It will be the 17-19th of August 2012.

The field will be the same as last year and we will be able to sleep on site.
Be sure to add the Facebook page to yours http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003747476594

Here are the coordonate for the field. http://maps.google.ca/maps?q=45.598...-73.412753&spn=0.002372,0.004823&z=18&iwloc=A

You can bring your tent and sleep on the field. A minimal fee will be ask for the campers and be sure to bring your friends/family !

GGtronic word: "Since this event happend in my city with lots of house in the
area, i'm asking , again this year , to avoid all gas model and
take care with eletric EDF that can also close the event in case
of excessive noise"

Inscriptions are open !


It is in Québec province, in Canada. In the suburbs of Montreal.

More infos in few weeks !
If you have requests and/or comments feel free to contact me or post it here.



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Anthony (totally to the left on the photo), the president of ImmersionRC, Gregory French from Fatshark, VRflyer world first FPV flyer and more, will attend the meeting. Don't miss your chance to shake they're hands !
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