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450 Quad on a playground

I met up with a FPV friend to fly some FPV
This time the Quad is weighted by:
FPV pod (camera,OSD,UBEC,Video transmitter)
2pcs 1.3mAh 3S Nano-tech's for the motors
1pcs 1.3mAh 3S Nano-tech's for the FPV pod

It ended up short with a broken prop but they were already bad so no harm done.

I can make a new video for you Colorex - with some norse music :D

When I land just around 1 minute mark - the crowd comes up and I tell them to watch the FPV screen.
As we stood by a bench I step up on the bench to avoid loss of radiosignal through 7ppl who gathered around the groundstation.
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