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450Quad FPV

Some 450Quad flying with new settings.

When flying inside (in the darkness) I had perfect image in my goggles, this is the outcome of GoPro

The "ooohhh - sooo - goood" GoPro HD(v1) is actually pretty useless imo.

It works in full daylight - nothing else



Never catch a multirotor
OOPS @ 2:07 :cool: but a very nice vid !
I agree with you that the gopro is superb outside in direct sunlight.
What antenna are you using on your tripod ?
On the 450Quad I have a 200mW 5.8 system with DIY Cloverleaf/SkewPlanars

I will make 1 more Cloverleaf for my 2nd TX so I can use it more on the Skywalker as well - only did some initial tests so far.
(I usually have 1.2 on the Skywalker)