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50% decreased goblin plans

I started scratch building airplanes a few month ago so I’m pretty new. I have built most of the planes in the mighty mini series but am wanting to start a plane that’s a little harder. I decided on the goblin because of the looks and it’s FPV platform. The only problem I have is trying to downsize it. I have a fairly small flying area and a plane that’s this fast and big won’t work well with how much space I have. So I want to try and downsize the goblin by 50% so it has about a 15 inch wingspan and might even fit on one sheet of foam. Has anyone ever done this before? I have tried to download the software for this but it seems my computer isn’t powerful enough. Does anyone have any simple ways to make the planes smaller without any fancy software or maybe any smaller plans themselves for the goblin? Thanks in advance.


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If you can't use Inkscape to resize the plans, you can print the "full size" plans using Adobe Acrobat. Grifflyer wrote some good instructions, https://forum.flitetest.com/index.php?threads/printing-large-plans.61056/post-517115. "
Nov 27, 2019 #2 You can print them with any sized paper if you use Adobe Reader. All you have to do is open up the plans in Adobe Reader and select print. After the print window opens up there should be a section in the middle of the window labeled "Page Sizing & Handling" right below that there should be options to choose between "Size" "Poster" "Multiple" and "Booklet" You are going to want to select the "Poster" option. Next, ensure your tile scale is set to 100%, your overlap is set at 0.005 in. and that you have the "Tile only large pages" option selected. You can also select "Cut marks" which will make taping the sheets of paper together easier. Lastly, go down to the bottom of the print window and click print.
After they print you can just tape the individual sheets together."

Where his instructions say "Next, ensure your tile scale is set to 100%," You will want yours at 50%. After you print and tape them together, you will need to adjust the the areas where the parts fold in A, B, or C folds to the size of your foam. (I have taped the sections to poster board with the "corrected" fold areas.) You will also need to resize all the tabs and slots to be the correct size of your foam.
Hopefully the explanation is clearer than mud. :)