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6" HYPERLITE FLOSS V2 for sale will ship

Fully built up, needs a new 4in1 esc. Gets around 11 minute fly time having fun not just cruising on a 1300 mah 4s lipo. 7 minutes with a session attached. Close to 20 minutes with a 2200 mah 4s lipo. It's a long range machine for sure! It's flown over the mountains in Wyoming, Colorado, and fields in the Midwest. No concrete crashes. I have a full Set of replacement arms for the floss frame, 3d printed tpu motor soft mounts.

I'm selling it because I'm tired of spending money on multirotors when I enjoy planes much more.

Custom black Phoenix 3d printed canopy
Helio spring imuf FC with butterflight
TBS micro rx
BrotherHobby 1800kv motors
RDQ Mach 2 vtx with pigtail axii
6 new sets of lumenier gate breakers 6x5x3

Let me know if you have questions. Flexible on price but want to see what people will offer if they really want it!