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60 FPS

I watched a video: Graupner X44 VTOL | Flite Test

Noticed that you have filmed in 60FPS before, so you have had the capabilities to do so, and wanted to request that you do more 60FPS filming, IMO it makes a difference, but watch for yourself and see if I am all alone. I understand the camera is more expensive, the file size is far larger, Post is more Resource intensive, but I want to see Flite Test continue to bring the best content for years to come, and I just wanted to let you know that someone out there notices the great work, and was hoping 1080P 60FPS would become a standard of your content.

Still anticipating that New to Quad series you have been teasing, and also love the scratch builds with the guests Like the FT Sparrow video. Would like to see some more Streamer fights, and believe they would especially benefit from 60fps. Scratch/Speed builds are what I believe to be the best way for beginners, and as I, a pre-beginner ordering my first Blade Nano QX heavily based on your videos and the opinions of a few others. Plan to graduate to a Taranis x9d Plus, and enter into fixed wing with you'r FT Flyer and FT Versa Wing before I get to FPV and the 250 Quads.

Great job goes out to everyone there at Flite Test.
P.S. More "FliteTestGremlin" content would be appreciated. I love those, and more videos of flying in storms I find are always entertaining, and are IMO as much of "Click Bate" as David's Space Glider Please do another.