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60fps 720p or 30 fps 1080p?

Hello all i have a runcam and want to shoot some decent aerial video.(Not as high quality as dji but decent enough to put on youtube or close enough to dji???)What mode should i shoot on?60fps 720p or 30 fps 1080p?Obvisouly 1080 would give me better resolution but after researching i understand that 60 fps makes the video almost twice as smooth.Any recomendations for the mode i should go for?If this camera is worthless for aerial video can you guys please recommend one for under 80$?
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On the RuncamHD, I found the 1080 /30 to be much better picture quality. The 720 / 60 was not that great.

On the Runcam2, I shoot everything on 1080/60 and it looks really good. This camera also has the added benefit of a slight zoom function that works better as a hat cam. It can be found cheaper occasionally. Sound is not great though, so often needs to be dubed over with music.
also do u guys think it is sensible to invest in a 4k budget cam?Like eken?Or some a 2k turnigy?Is the quality a lot better than 1080 or slightly better?


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It all boils down to your budget and how you wish to present your videos. If you are doing scenery then higher definition is better. Keep in mind the limits most people see these videos in. 4k tv's or monitors are expensive and most people into our hobby tend to be "Frugal".
Higher res videos are nice but people watching on cell phones won't waste the bandwidth for the effort for sure as will a lot of people with capped data internet connections.

1080p at 30, or some with 48, 50 and 60 fps are plenty for the average viewer. If you are getting into racing 720p 60 or 1080p 60fps will be cost effective even though there are higher res cameras. Keep in mind crashes and potential for smashing your expensive camera set ups too.
I think 720p 60fps is better. In fact most of the videos nowadays are 24 fps and 30fps ,if you change it into them into 60fps it look much smoother, really more important than resolution once it is higher than 720p or the same.
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Stingy just did this and it explains A LOT about posting video to you tube as well as how their rendering is done.

4k cameras

personaly i wouldnt invest in a 4k cam. theres not many people that can already watch that. HD is great quality and most cams with that quality are easily payable. as for the 30 or 60fps question, if you wanna work with alot of slowmo shots then 60fps is better, runcam split mini offers 1080 in 60fps, pretty nice footage. if you just wanna get shots of your flights to look at with friends the 30fps is absolutly sufficient.
As has been said, it kinda depends on you budget.
I got my gopro hero seesions 5 on my plane.
hope this helps somewhat.
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