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64mm EDF F22 total weight...

hello; I am building my first EDF f22 with a 26 inch wingspan. i was wondering what total weight i should not exceed?

with the components below...i am estimating 675-700 grams.

64mm EDF
KV4400 motor
2200 3s 25c-50c lipo

Found some weight ratio examples below...

Thrust to weight:
1lb/3lbs = 0.33 basic flying
1.5lb/3lbs = 0.5 advanced flying
1.71lb/3lbs = 0.57 aggressive flying

Power to weight:
50-70 watts per pound; Minimum level of power for decent performance, good for lightly loaded slow flyer and park flyer models
70-90 watts per pound; Trainer and slow flying scale models
90-110 watts per pound; Sport aerobatic and fast flying scale models
110-130 watts per pound; Advanced aerobatic and high-speed models
130-150 watts per pound; Lightly loaded 3D models and ducted fans
150-200+ watts per pound; Unlimited performance 3D and aerobatic models