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70% Scaled FT Explorer?

So I want to get into FPV and Quads are not an option because of the money. I really want to build the FT Mini Arrow but I am thinking I might should start with a plane that has rudder because that's what I have learned to fly with.

I found the FT Explorer and I love it, love it, love it. It has everything I need to make my dollar go far:D I love that it's tractor so I can stop breaking my props in all my crashes, the nose is replaceable, the wing is rubber banded so it doesn't rip a hole in the fuselage after a couple crashes!!!

But, alas a wingspan of 57" is way to big for me! I live in a small area and really can't do this. But I was thinking I could scale everything to 70% of what it's original size was and use an MT1806 motor. I think I saw someone do this in the forum but I am wondering if anyone else did it?

So if someone has, I have a couple questions:D : What size prop should I use? I have some 5040 props would that work? Also, would this still work as an FPV plane? I would be using a Runcam Swift 2 and Eachine TX526 Vtx.